FireEye with KDDI

The highly advanced solution against cyber attacks

Protection against cyber attacks has to be done on a global scale. FireEye is selected by a great number of companies/organizations worldwide.

Why companies chose FireEye to protect them from targeted cyber attacks?

The No. 1 market share solution for protection against targeted cyberattacks

FireEye's security solution holds the No. 1 *1 position in the targeted cyberattack protection market (sandbox-type), and it has been selected by a third-party research institute as a market leader among External Threat Intelligence Services *2.

Complete detection including zero-day vulnerability

FireEye virtually detects vulnerabilities, starting from zero-day, as well as other vulnerabilities such as scripting and browser.

Quick action against attacks to prevent damages from spreading

Details of attacks can be analyzed in real time using virtual analysis engine in the appliance. The high-speed static analysis and in-depth dynamic analysis ("MVX" analysis) are shared in DTI (Dynamic Threat Intelligence) cloud and appliance. This will enable detection to any unknown malware which can not be detected just by analyzing the designated file. Customers can enjoy the most effective and quickest solution in protecting against threats.

  • *1 July 2017 - IDC Japan "Domestic Targeted Cyberattack Protection Solution Market Share, 2016: Progress of Endpoint Solutions"
  • *2 September 2018 - Forrester Research, Inc. :Forrester New Wave™ External Threat Intelligence Services, Q3 2018

KDDI as your global security partner

Recently, security has become one the business challenges companies are facing. If you are one of them, leave your problem to KDDI. Our offices are located internationally, enabling us to deliver a total ICT solution worldwide, wherever your business are located.

FireEye System Engineer Specialist

Having strong tie with FireEye on global stage,
we has been chosen a 'Platinum' partner as a top level of distributor.
We offer the best solution with the highest discount level to our clients by FireEye-certified specialists over the globe. Our success has been highly rated as a FireEye provider.

Security operation by KDDI's Security Operation Center (SOC)

Ensuring customers' safety and peace of mind

KDDI's SOC provides high-speed security solutions against Advanced Persistent Threat (APT). Those includes comprehensive services from operation to monitoring and analysis, for all FireEye series including NX, EX, ETP, HX, etc. KDDI has extensive experience in providing service to clients from various industries, such as finance, manufacturing, trading, real estate, retail, etc.

International contract and technical support

First-class customer support
KDDI provides support both before and after installation of services. Our presence globally enable us to support customers wherever they are located, both from customers' Headquarters and international offices.

Full support on global-contracts
Customers can choose to manage all affiliates offices' contract to one international contract in Headquarters, or do the contract separately in each office. We are flexible to fit your budget and your business.

Case studies with our wide range of various solutions

Manufacturing Company A - NX series installation in 5 different location including China
For Company A, security is an urgent matter in the business. In a very short period, they managed to install NX series in 5 different countries - Japan, US, UK, Singapore, and China. Company A highly appreciated KDDI services, especially in China (Shanghai), thus decided to choose us for their international offices.

Finance Company B - Multiple FireEye products installation
Company B installed FireEye services in Singapore. Services include CM series, ETP, etc. KDDI supported the company from installation to operation and maintenance.

The first time in the south east Asia
Newly released product 'Cloud MVX' debuted successfully in our customers site and has been implemented in multiple countries of the south east Asia as the first time.

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