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Security KDDI SD-Network Platform

KDDI provides software-defined WAN (SD-WAN) solutions that enable corporate networks that can withstand a variety of changes, such as expanding cloud services, increasing locations as business expands, and expanding overseas.

KDDI SD-Network Platform

With the introduction of zero-trust security, the response to Internet traffic associated with increased cloud use, and the strengthening of global network governance, and other changes in long-term telework and work style, corporate networks are also changing their optimal form.

The “KDDI SD-Network Platform” is an SD-WAN service that enables flexible construction of corporate networks according to work styles, business, and site reviews. By installing dedicated equipment at the customer's location, network virtualization using software-defined technology (note1) is realized. We provide a network environment in which customers can improve their issues, such as traffic growth, network quality degradation, and security management, and enjoy a comfortable use. In addition, this service provides “SD-WAN devices,” “licenses,” and “equipment maintenance” on a monthly model, reducing the burden of customer IT management.

"KDDI SD-Network Platform" enables fast deployment of new sites and strengthened IT governance.

note1) Software-defined technology is a general term for virtualization and abstraction technologies using software. SD-WAN expands SDN (Software-Defined Network), which was previously focused on data center network virtualization, to a wide-area WAN.

Global provision of "by Cisco SD-WAN" service

Overview of "by Cisco SD-WAN"

KDDI provides one-stop support for the introduction and deployment of Cisco SD-WAN both in Japan and overseas. Working with KDDI local entities, we support the design, delivery, operation, maintenance, and expansion of SD-WAN and Global Network in detail. Centralized management and visualization is possible with the cloud controller.

Equipment specs can be selected for each location according to usage and required performance. The most suitable configuration for each customer is available. KDDI will provide services per month as a set with maintenance for the provided equipment. As the OS version upgrade and the device EoL are also supported by service, the customer operation load can be reduced.

* Please contact us for details on the charge.

Service Introduction Video (Japanese Only)

Service introduction

Video playback time: 2:26 (Japanese Only)

This is a service introduction video for the SD-Network Platform, which enables flexible, efficient, and safe WAN construction. By installing a dedicated device at your site, you can configure an optimal network that makes use of your current VPN service and Internet service.

Features & Benefits

Network optimization using the Internet

It is possible to build flexible corporate network by combining not only closed network but also the Internet. Change the route of the network based on line quality and congestion. It can be used in a variety of situations, such as the revision of the existing network and the establishment of an SD-WAN based on the Internet, which is caused by the increase in telework and the introduction of zero-trust security.

Dealing with Increasing Cloud Traffic

With the deployment of diverse cloud services, increasing Internet traffic is a challenge for many companies.
For such increasing traffic, SD-WAN devices can identify cloud applications and automatically distribute closed networks, the Internet, or line types, thus reducing the cost of increasing circuits and providing a comfortable cloud service.

Deploy Global network

Through coordination with our global locations, we support the deployment of your global network.
Detailed service allows you to have peace of mind when installing in the home of your overseas office.

After installation, the customer portal can be checked to centralize the traffic status and network settings in Japan and overseas, reducing management costs.
Even if local staff are missing, configuration can be done remotely, saving on operational costs.


You can choose from four segments of features.

SD-WAN function

  1. Overlay Routing (Full Mesh)​​
  2. Multipath Control​​
  3. Local Breakout

Other SD-WAN functions

ROUTER function

  1. Standard Router Functions
  2. QoS function​​

Security function

  1. Firewall
  2. URL Filtering​​​

Other security functions

*Some security function will be provided in order. For details, please contact us.

Batch management function

  1. Batch management of "SD-WAN function", "ROUTER function", and "Security function" on one management screen
  2. Visualization of traffic status and communication quality per site for each application​​​​

SD-WAN function

Control is possible according to usage and communication quality

For applications that are easily affected by delays, it is possible to control the Internet line for closed network lines and emails that have little impact, as well as the lines that match the purpose of use. In addition, if communication is poor at the start of the operation and the quality of the communication decreases, it is possible to stabilize the communication by allocating traffic to different routes.

Segregates traffic on a Security level

Only access to a specific public cloud service can be directly connected to the Internet from the center, so traffic can be distributed and the cloud can be used comfortably. Also, secure traffic that cannot be secured by accessing the Internet via the data center.

ROUTER function

Reduction of the burden of operation management

Consolidating access lines to a single access line at each location reduces not only line costs but also the administrative burden of operation. In addition, since it has standard router functions, it can be used as a replacement for existing CPE (customer premises equipment). In addition, traffic visualization is provided as a standard for each application, making it possible to visualize the customer's network even when using only the ROUTER function.

Security function

Securely use SD-WAN devices

SD-WAN devices provide security measures with the following functions, enabling safe communication during local break-out or cloud use.


This is a security gateway that can control communication/interruption for each IP address/port number/application.

URL Filtering

You can limit the internet websites that you can access by category or URL.

*Some security function will be provided in order. For details, please contact us.

Batch management function

Control all SD-WAN devices from the administration screen

SD-WAN devices of each location can be managed in a single management screen. There is no need to change individual settings locally for each router.

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