Hybrid Work Platform
Connect People and Places

The days of everyone working at the office are over. Top companies are choosing a hybrid work model that embraces a mix of working at the office, working from home, and anywhere else that work can be done from. WorkstyleOS is the perfect solution to keep your team connected, no matter where they may be.

*WorkstyleOS is a product of ACALL Inc

Creating the Next Generation Enterprise Office

Making a distributed and efficient office environment where people can work comfortably

Automation of Reception
and Access Control

The iPad receptionist can drastically reduce the work required for visitor management. You can customize the content of the reception menu, linked services, and even the screen design to create a reception/entry system that fits your company's operations.

Manage Check-in for
Workspaces and Seats

Reserve rooms and seats from any device or tool. Check-in and out to track usage, automatically cancel reservations, and synchronize use in real-time to reduce resource waste.

Utilize Existing

WorkstyleOS can be integrated with applications such as chat tools, calendar tools, extension phones and hardware such as gates and electronic locks.

Expand Workplace Options

Check-in management that values the individual's way of working

Various Check-in Spots Workers can share locations and status with their team even when working remotely by checking in to the spot with their PC or smartphone. This supports team collaboration even when they are far away.

Data Visualization and Analysis

Eliminate the hassle and inconvenience of space management

Logs and Dashboard

WorkstyleOS records worker check-in logs, office reception/entry/exit history, conference room usage history, etc. Some of the data is on the dashboard for managers and workers to check the workplace usage.

Share Reception and Meeting Rooms

Multi-tenant function When multiple companies occupy the same building or floor, it is possible to coordinate reception and shared meeting rooms and equipment. Of course, the privacy of tenants will be protected.


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