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IoT Virtual Reality (VR) Accident experience simulator

VR Solution for Hazard Sensitivity Improvement Education

The VR Disaster Experience Solution is a product that uses VR to fully experience a disaster accident. The system uses VR goggles to play and experience the accident.
This product aims to increase the sensitivity to danger by making the user psychologically feel "scared and disgusted" by the experience of an accident.

Changing workforce conditions, increased importance in Workplace Safety

Despite a global importance for companies to adopt Workplace Safety measures, some companies face challenges in the changing workforce dynamics, such as:

  • Lack of and difficult to retain skilled safety management expertise.
  • Lack of systematic safety training for new workers.
  • Reduced manpower due to budget cuts, causing workers to have multiple tasks on hand, decreasing work efficiency.
  • Loss of knowledge – No proper safety management training or handover of hazardous information between retired skilled workers to new workers.

RiMM Accident scenario icon 2023R23 image

Key Features

1. Wide variety of scenarios

  • Over 170 accident scenarios
  • Language(s): English, Japanese, Thai, etc.

2. Portable and Quick installation

  • Mobile, all-in-one
  • Includes gloves, VR goggles, and PC for full experience
  • 15 minutes to install

3. Requires only a small space area

  • Only 2m x 2m space required

Increase accident sensitivity through VR training

By using VR goggles to view, gloves to feel, and headphones to hear, users can experience a realistic accident simulation in a safe environment.

Workers will get a strong impression of the accident. Workers will remember the accident simulation. This will remind workers to be safe when doing certain works, preventing accidents from occurring.

VR accident simulation is used for effective Safety Training purposes.

Try it for yourself!

By experiencing the actual equipment, you will be able to feel how realistic the various accident scenarios in VR are.

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