Operation & Maintenance Solutions Services

We offer support services for the operation and maintenance of your systems. This includes regular operation requirements as well as maintenance requirements during failures.

Service Outline

We plan every single component of the operation and maintenance work thus providing services according to your needs. We also cover regular and irregular changes to the system settings on behalf of our customers. Settings will be managed by our company and a backup system is available in case of failures.

Example Services Provided

  • Telephone and onsite standby support
  • Arrangement of repair work with manufacturers on behalf of customers
  • Data and system recovery (when backup is available)
  • Regular report submission (e.g., failure summary, log analysis report)
  • Regular operation on behalf of customers (e.g., backup tape change, LED status confirmation)
  • System setting changes and additional work on behalf of customers
  • Customer system information management

Examples of systems for operation/maintenance services

Provides protection to customer site with intruder attack detection.

  • Routers, firewalls, switching hub
  • PABX, Key Telephony system
  • PCs, various servers

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