Unified Communication

Speed up your business with the optimal communication tool

Streamline communications with staff and customers

Straightforward, secure and high-speed access to office PCs anytime and anywhere.

Speed up decision-making

Using the optimal communication tool for the situation reduces unproductive exchanges and speeds up decision making.

Reduce costs

Hold web conferences anytime, anywhere through the use of multiple smart devices. With regard to overseas offices, Unified Communication facilitates web meetings etc. allowing you to reduce expenditure on business trips. Furthermore, the use of IP based phones slashes the cost of your phone bills.

What's KDDI Unified Communication?

KDDI unifies multiple communication tools, such as the phone, email, video conferencing, and offers them as a unified communication service which enables the seamless exchange of ideas and content regardless of location, time, and type of device. In collaboration with overseas KDDI offices, we can support your communication needs on a global scale.

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