BT MeetMe with Dolby Voice

A revolution in audio conferencing

In partnership with Dolby®, BT brings you an enhanced BT MeetMe service which delivers natural and effective audio meetings.

If you use standard audio/video conference system...

Bad sound quality because of noise

  • Cannot concentrate because of other participants' noice
  • Interrupt the voice communication frequently
  • Unclear voice

Asking to say again and again especially at conference in foreign language

  • It is hard to hear the foreign language at remote conference
  • Several voice is over wrapping and cannot hear clearly
  • Need to ask to say again and again

It is difficult to ask my customer to install app for remote conference

  • Need to ask customer to install smartphone app for the conference
  • Cannot download app because of company security policy
  • It is difficult to instruct person who are not familiar with IT how to connect remote conference remotely

What is BT MeetMe with Dolby Voice ?

Next generation voice conference system which Dolby® and BT developed together.
Noise reduction and voice separation are performed on BT cloud, not on customer's device. Customer can have great experiences with high quality and clear voice voice conference.

5 Key Feature for BT MeetMe with Dolby Voice

(1) Noise Reduction

  • Noise reduction function can reduce various type of noises such as car-noise or train-noise etc
  • Noise reduction is performed on cloud, you can use it with any devices.

(2) Surround sound

  • With surround-sound function, you can hear several voice by different participants at same time
  • It is performed on cloud basis

(3) Easy connection

  • You can use designated mobile app and you can add common-attend conference as favorite bookmark
  • Both from iPhon/iPad/AndroidiPad,Android and from web browser on PC/Mac are available *1

(4) No registration fee, No fixed monthly fee

  • You can use Pay As You Go basis, you don't need pay initial registration fee and fixed monthly fee
  • The month if you don't use, you don't need any charges

(5) Best solution as backup for web conference tool

  • You can use it as backup tool in case of the failure for connecting web conference tool
  • As you can connect via PSTN line, you can continue to have remote conference even when internet connection is down

Let's enjoy WFH Sale !!

Limited to 20 customers who apply by end of Sep 2020!!
Waive of usage fee for first 1,000 mins

  • It is applicable only for the usage via IP connection(Dolby Voice). Usage via PSTN line is out of scope.
  • Applicable only the usage during the period from applied month and next month.

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