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Press Release Jul 11, 2023 KDDI Asia Pacific and Asuene Forge Business Alliance to Drive Net Zero CO2 Emissions Visualization and Reduction - Cloud Solution "Asuzero" and KDDI's Electricity Visualization IoT Solution to Cater to the Growing Demand of APAC Companies for Decarbonized Management

KDDI Asia Pacific Pte Ltd
Asuene Inc.

[July 11, 2023, Tokyo, Japan] – Asuene Inc., a pioneering climate tech company in Japan, and KDDI Corporation, a renowned telecommunications leader, are delighted to announce their strategic business alliance between their Singapore subsidiaries, Asuzero Singapore Pte. Ltd. and KDDI Asia Pacific Pte. Ltd. This momentous collaboration empowers KDDI Asia Pacific customers to efficiently visualize and curtail their CO2 emissions through the cloud-based climate platform "Asuzero" and comprehensive decarbonization solutions.

The partnership between "Asuzero" and KDDI Asia Pacific comes at a time of increasing interest and demand for carbon reduction initiatives among companies in Southeast Asia and other APAC nations. By combining KDDI's advanced IoT solution, enabling the monitoring of electricity usage and corporate activities, with Asuzero's comprehensive decarbonization solutions, businesses will be empowered to achieve their net-zero emissions goals.

Asuene will offer its Asuzero cloud service, facilitating CO2 emissions tracking, reduction, and reporting. Additionally, the company will provide SX consulting services to support sustainable business transformation.

KDDI Asia Pacific will contribute by connecting businesses with these services and offering their cutting-edge electricity visualization IoT solution.


Background of the Partnership:

"Asuzero" by Asuzero Singapore provides a cloud service that allows companies and municipalities to visualize, reduce, and report CO2 emissions throughout their supply chains, in alignment with the GHG Protocol's Scopes 1-3. By combining this offering with SX consulting services, KDDI Asia Pacific extends comprehensive one-stop solutions for decarbonization.

KDDI Asia Pacific is known for its suite of IoT solution services tailored for firms operating in the Asia-Pacific region, further expanding the KDDI Group's footprint in Southeast Asia.

As the global push for decarbonization gains momentum, companies face mounting pressure to disclose climate-related financial data and take action to visualize and reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions. In Japan, Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) efforts are gaining traction, with the impending requirement for all publicly traded companies to disclose sustainability information in their annual securities reports starting from FY2023, alongside data on human capital and diversity.

Meanwhile, Singapore has adopted the "Green Plan 2030" environmental action plan, outlining goals for CO2 emission reduction and the promotion of green finance. In line with this, Singapore will incrementally increase carbon tax from 2022, and the Singapore Stock Exchange (SGX) will mandate climate change-related disclosures based on the Task Force on Climate-related Financial Disclosures (TCFD) from 2023.

Through this strategic alliance, Asuene aims to extend its support for the visualization and reduction of CO2 emissions and promote net-zero management for companies across the Asia-Pacific region.

About Asuene:

Asuene Inc. is a leading Climate Tech company in Japan with the mission of ”Making a better world for next generations”. Asuene provides "Asuzero", a cloud-based climate platform for measuring, reporting and reducing carbon emissions. They also offer "ESG Cloud Rating (ECR)," an ESG evaluation service for sustainable supply chain procurement, supporting net-zero and ESG management.

About KDDI Asia Pacific

KDDI Asia Pacific Pte Ltd is a 100% subsidiary company of KDDI Corporation, an information and Communications Company as a one-stop provider of all communication services from fixed to mobile. As the Regional Head Quarter of KDDI Group in Southeast Asia, KDDI Asia Pacific provides comprehensive global and local communication services to companies developing their businesses in the region including Singapore, by tailoring services according to the characteristics of each region.

  • President and Representative Director: Hiroyuki Kimura
  • Establishment: September 1989
  • Location: 77 Robinson Road, #26-00 Singapore 068896

About Asuzero Singapore:

Asuzero Singapore Pte. Ltd. offers Asuzero, a climate cloud platform for measuring, reporting, and reducing carbon emissions, along with Sustainability Transformation (SX) consultation services in the APAC region.

For media inquiries, please contact:
Asuene Inc.
Junko Hara-McMaster