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Press Release Sep 30, 2022 KDDI Asia Pacific Establishes Branch Office in Bangladesh: Contributing to the business expansion of corporate customers moving into Bangladesh

KDDI Corporation


On October 1, 2022, KDDI Asia Pacific, an overseas subsidiary of KDDI, will establish "KDDI Dhaka Branch" in Dhaka, Bangladesh (referred to as "Dhaka Branch"), to expand and extend our business offerings for Southeast Asia corporate customers entering the Bangladesh market.

Bangladesh is one of the fastest-growing economies in South Asia, with a high real GDP growth rate (Note 1). The area has attracted the attention of many Japanese companies, as well as the Japanese government's participation in development assistance (ODA) projects (Note 2). In future, as a growing number of companies move into these areas to set up new production and manufacturing bases, there will be an increasing need for local companies to utilize IT infrastructure with comfortable, secure office environments.

With the establishment of the Dhaka Branch, we will contribute to the business expansion of customers entering the Bangladesh market by providing a range of Japanese-quality services such as IT infrastructure construction, maintenance, and operation services for factories and offices. We will also promote Digital Transformation for our globally expanding customers by offering solutions such as international network services, office IT systems, IoT, ZeroTrust, and cloud computing.

About Dhaka Branch

NameKDDI Asia Pacific Dhaka Branch
LocationDhaka, Bangladesh
Branch managerYoshihiro Matsuda
Establishment DateOctober 1, 2022
BusinessSystem Integration Services
Network Construction Support
ICT-related consulting
ShareholderKDDI Asia Pacific 100%

For more details, please refer to here

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