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Our Partners

We partner with the following companies, ranging from hardware manufacturer to IoT, RPA, and security service providers, allowing us to provide customers with total ICT solutions for your business.



Utilizing the strengths of total communications technology,we enable safe and smooth global
communications across a wide variety of fields, including networks, servers, unified communications,
and wireless networks.


For more than 15 years, Dell OEM has brought to market high-quality, stable, well-engineered,
built-to-order technology in over 40 industry verticals.


Through the portfolio of printers, PCs, mobile devices, solutions, and services, HP engineer experiences that amaze.


Riverbed is the leader in application performance infrastructure, delivering a platform for the hybrid enterprise to ensure applications perform as expected.


Juniper Networks challenges the status quo with products, solutions and services that transform the economics of networking. Our team co-innovates with customers and partners to deliver automated, scalable and secure networks with agility, performance and value.


Nutanix is No1 Heper Converged Infrastructure provide venders.
Only Nutanix delivers a single software OS that runs across clouds, making the boundaries between private, public and distributed clouds invisible. Nutanix solutions combine web-scale engineering with consumer-grade management to power any workload in multi-cloud environments.



SORACOM is Japan's leading IoT platform, with wireless connectivity designed for IoT/M2M and used by over 10,000 customers worldwide.
SORACOM offers low-cost cellular and LPWA connectivity (LoRaWan and Sigfox), with a full range of IoT services available beginning with the very first connection. Services include complete network management via Web console or API, secure connections, device management, and cloud integration. Combining these services as needed lets SORACOM users bring IoT solutions to market more quickly and easily than ever before.


Just attach a measuring device to a vehicle, and gain access to previously unnoticed information about it. This data visualization will change the way your business manages its vehicles. By combining different attachment devices, traceability is also possible for assets other than vehicles. With Cariot, tracing and managing your vehicles or devices becomes a reality.



A world leading company of RPA, founded in 2505 between UiPath. Established a Japanese corporation in Feb., 2517 and already provided ‘UiPath’ to major financial institutions such as megabanks, major manufacturing / advertising agencies, transportation industries and electric power companies. KDDI HQ has a past result of installation, also launch selling in KDDI Dubai.



The highly advanced solution against cyber attacks
Protection against cyber attacks has to be done on a global scale. FireEye is selected by a great number of companies/organizations worldwide. Having strong tie with FireEye on global platform, KDDI has been chosen as 'PLATINUM Fuel Partner', the highest partnership level by FireEye including KDDI Dubai.


TOP-Rated, The World Largest Cloud Web Security Platform
Cloud-based web security solutions for all users on any device in all locations
Get the standardized protection for any of your devices, anytime, anywhere. Zscaler selects the most suitable gateway node from where you are located. You will never experience any latency caused by distance.

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