KDDI VAPT Solution

One-stop security, from diagnosis to response

Damage from ransomware is on the increase every day, as is the refinement of cyberattacks.
The first step to protect your business is to visualize your network environment.

3 Reasons We Recommend KDDI VAPT Solution

1: One-stop solution

From security diagnosis to response consideration and execution, KDDI VAPT Solution provides all, making it a one-stop solution.
Cooperate with KDDI to address your security concerns, without needing to ask a separate party, and greatly cut the needed work to respond to a security threat.

2: Help by specialists

The post-diagnosis response to a threat requires not just security knowledge; network and server knowledge are very important as well.

In addition to security, KDDI provides help by engineers who are specialized in networks and servers.

3: Partner relations

In addressing discovered security vulnerabilities, relationships with hardware and software vendors are essential. KDDI has global alliances with a variety of such vendors to provide the solutions you need.

Using KDDI VAPT Solution

First is "visualization"

Visualization of your network environment allows you to see what measures are necessary and to plan accordingly.
Organize your response into steps and enable effective security measures.

KDDI will support you

We provide total support, for everything from global networks, to global data centers, to global clouds, to APTcountermeasures
Our branch offices around the world will provide full support.


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