Google Apps for Work

A groupware service that helps you create a seamless working style

Besides being accessible from computer web browsers, Google Apps for Work can also be accessed from smartphone and tablet applications.

A freer way of working

It is possible to work from anywhere on any device. It does not matter how far you are from your office, with chat and video conference functionality smooth communication is ensured.

More security for cloud

Using add-on services, increase security by setting limitations on specific devices or IP addresses.

Sharing with your colleagues

Create files, share them with teammates and edit together in real-time - Google Apps for Work facilitates more efficient working whilst reducing the burden of continuous email exchanges.

Portal Functions

Figure: Portal Functions

Portal functions and various reports

KDDI offers dedicated web-based portal sites and ensures the security of these portal sites by encoding them via https connections and providing authentication that combines randomly-generated URLs and ID/PWs.

Account setting

Administrative users and standard users will be set up.

Time zone

You can set your own time zone (GMT +/- n) for the standard time displayed on the portal sites and various reports.

Alarm e-mail destination setting

Alarms will be sent to your e-mail address.
(You can set your preferred language to either Japanese or English.)

Operation and Maintenance System

Figure: Operation and Maintenance System

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