KDDI Singapore holds “Seminar on Revolutionizing your Business with UiPath”

KDDI Singapore December 02, 2019

On Nov. 21, KDDI Singapore held an RPA seminar as it did last year, this time titled “Seminar on Revolutionizing your Business with UiPath” and held at the One&Co space in Twenty Anson. Some 80 visitors gathered for the event, which was held with presentations across 4 sections. This was followed by a networking session at the end, where many visitors brought forth their specific questions about promoting RPA usage and issues that arise during implementation, sharing their opinions with one another and otherwise expressing their high interest in RPA.

In the opening remarks, KDDI Singapore’s Managing Director Yasuhiko Miyahara explained that as RPA usage has increased across Southeast Asia, the number of questions coming from customers about the knowhow for expanding RPA use within their companies has also increased. He also explained that the KDDI corporate group is contributing to customers’ productivity through providing services that utilize the latest technologies like RPA.

KDDI Singapore Managing Director Yasuhiko Miyahara

In the day’s first section, Sojitz Asia Pte Ltd General Manager Yasuo Masuda, provided a presentation titled “Sojitz’s RPA through UiPath”, in which he introduced the decision making process, actual robots and management documents that his company used in promoting internal usage of RPA, providing the audience with concrete ideas on how they can also expand RPA usage.

Sojitz Asia Pte Ltd. General Manager Yasuo Masuda

In the second section, UiPath Japan CEO Koichi Hasegawa provided a presentation titled, “The Latest News at UiPath”.

In this presentation, in addition to UiPath’s vision for the future, Mr. Hasegawa explained how UiPath has come to hold an important position in corporations’ business revolutions, while at the same time he used customer case studies to provide an easy-to-understand overview of important points in expanding RPA utilization.

UiPath Japan CEO Koichi Hasegawa

In the third section, UiPath Japan’s head of Partner Product Solutions Hiroaki Nakata gave a presentation titled, “An End-to-End Automation Platform for the Age of Hyper Automation”.

Here, Mr. Nakata provided an explanation of the new functionality in UiPath’s recent large update, and he showed how UiPath is evolving beyond just automation into an overall optimization tool for all business processes.

UiPath Japan Partner Product Solutions department head Hiroaki Nakata

In the fourth section, Shu Takimura from KDDI Singapore gave a presentation titled, “Implementation Trends in Southeast Asia and How to Succeed When Implementing”.

In the presentation, Mr. Takimura used specific examples from Southeast Asia to explain that RPA usage has expanded into the strategic realms of IoT and AI and how to solve the problems of customers having issues with internal usage of RPA.

KDDI Singapore’s Shu Takimura

At the end of the seminar was a networking session, in which customers shared information, sought advice on how to promote internal RPA usage, confirmed about specific technical questions, and otherwise exchanged opinions on a variety of topics.

Very positive comments were spoken that showed anew the high interest in RPA, such as “With this seminar, I was able to get an idea of how we should expand RPA use in our company, and I want to make a proposal about it soon to our accounting department,” “Issues with our existing promotion team became apparent”, “I was able to exchange information with people in the same position of being in charge of internal RPA promotion, which was very educational and reassuring,” and “I am very much looking forward to UiPath’s continued evolution”.

KDDI will continue to release information useful to our customers, so please keep an eye out for our future activities.

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