Everest Cloud Inventory(IT asset management service)

Simple operations with rich features enable integrated and streamlined IT management


IT asset management work has been extended recently to handle smartphones, virtual machines and so on in business. The "Everest Cloud Inventory" centralizes multi-device management service globally over endpoints such as Android, iOS mobiles, desktops and notebooks (Windows/Macintosh) in and outside your business offices.

  • The cloud approach makes endpoint management operations global and transparent.
  • The single Web-console covers all endpoints from desktops to mobile devices.
  • Endpoint management tasks are easily streamlined into automated actions.
  • Trilingual user interfaces extend endpoint management tasks to English, Chinese and Japanese speaking IT staff.
  • Centrally managed security policies reach diverse endpoints in all directions.


Centralized Multi-Device Management Endpoints Over the World

From a web console, "Everest Cloud Inventory" will let you centrally manage endpoints including Windows PCs, Macintosh computers, Android and iOS mobiles.
The endpoints could be in the office, out on the road across the world, under the management of headquarters or subsidiaries wherever you need access.
This versatility of Everest Cloud Inventory is based on the Internet and cloud computing. In other words, the Internet connectivity is the only prerequisite for Everest Cloud Inventory to work as it is.
Everest Cloud Inventory is a cloud solution that keeps endpoint configurations and applications secure to provide stable usability for workforces and in line with your organization's security policy, public regulations and compliances. The solution will cut costs and complexities; plus, it will reduce IT staff daily workloads by optimizing their endpoint management tasks.

All the Way Back & Forth Seamlessly Between Endpoints and Reports via Security Profile Based on IT Resource Management

Based on the Security Profile that we develop and update daily, our viable anti-threat definitions including malware and vulnerability countermeasures, your organization as a whole is automatically rated in a scheme of security levels and has easy access to detailed reports.
All you have to do is just view the dashboard showing what security level your corporation is in.See your security level on the metrics dashboard indicated by color and scale.

What Everest Cloud Inventory can do for a fleet of PCs and Macs

What Everest Cloud Inventory can do for a diverse fleet of mobile devices

Endpoint system requirements


Windows XP
Windows Vista
Windows 7
Windows 8
Windows 8.1
10.4 - 10.10
2.2 or later
4.3 - 8.1

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